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God Practical

by skerreks



I suppose the piece is a meditation on world building. With the aid of technology and the liberation it allows us, we can shape and design our own personal worlds like never before. Each of us can be the creator and master of our own realm – be it a blog, website, album, book, game or a combination of these and all in the most practical, mundane fashion.

God Practical was created as a world unto its self – a spinning, pulsing nebula of texture. A demonstration of the magic of technology. With the aid of a digital universe we can manipulate and transform sonic material, bending it to our will. We are gods who can shape our own realm, create a whole world from the most basic of materials. A world in our imagination.

Cover art:
A visual exercise in digital transformation and manipulation
The result formed a shape reminiscent of a nebula – an exploded star in which all of the basic building blocks of our world are created and transformed. The idea came from a subconscious image which the piece evoked: a red to green spiral or tunnel with something bright at its centre.


released December 24, 2016
Created in December 2013 for the 'Venation' compilation by Duskdarter Records.




skerreks QLD, Australia

sound and music from the palindrome.

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